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A kitten from (N) Alneskatten's comes with a pedigree from NRR (Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund), a sales contract and a health certificate.

The kitten will be fully vaccinated. It will also have an ID-chip. For Norwegian buyers a (N) Alneskatten's kitten costs 13.500,- NOK. 4.000,- is paid by the time of booking and is a non refundable fee if the buyer should change his/her mind. If something happens to the kitten the fee will be returned.


For buyers outside of Norway other cost will be added to the price.

All of the cats in our cattery is given quality food.

We advice the new owners to buy insuranse for their new cat as soon as it has moved from the cattery.

Informasjon om døve katter.

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