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Eminem-litter - mother CH (N) Haapet's Hoshiko, father SC (N) Alnekatten's Batman DVM

Born March 11'th 2015

Hoshiko gave birth to four girls and two boys on Wednesday 11'th of March 2015. This was NOT a planned litter - Hoshiko was supposed to have a long break from motherhood, but she and Batman did not agree. So in secret - they snuck out - and mated, and 9 weeks later, six lovely babies were born. Unfortunatly we lost four of them due to the fact that Hoshiko was given birth control pills during the entire pregnancy. 

(N) Alneskatten's The Real Slim Shady     NFO w              Male     sold

(N) Alneskatten's Knockingbird                  NFO w              Female sold

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