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Last updated March 20th 2024


Welcome to (N) Alneskatten's Cattery. We are a small, home based cattery, breeding Norwegian Forest Cats. The cattery is situated in Os, on the western coast of Norway. Os is about half an hour drive south of Bergen, and close to the local airport Flesland. The kittens from (N) Alneskatten's are born and raised in our living room surrounded by people and other cats. This makes the kittens from us very social, and that is very important to us. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 




Wonderful memories from Trønderkatten.

SC (N) Alneskatten's All I Wanna Do DVM DSM.

Best in show 6 years appart


SC (N) Alneskatten's All I Wanna Do DVM in the panel in Denmark

News and updates on the site.

  • Jærkatten:

    • Pyso 2*HP, BIV total, NOM and one BEST IN SHOW

    • Hanky 2*ex 1, 1*BIV, 2*NOM, 2 times BEST IN SHOW

    • Kitty, 2*2x1, 1*NOM

    • Gamling 2*ex1, 1*BIV, 2*NOM

    • Dråget 1 CACIB, 1 ex2

(N) Alneskatten's show plans.


  • Jærkatten

  • Trønderkatten

  • VKK

  • VKK - 19 - Dilbert BIS

  • Trønderkatten - 19 - Dilbert BIS 

  • SØRAK - 19 - Pyso BIS + DSM

  • RORAK 18 - Pyso BIS unanimous both days

  • SØRAK - Pyso BIS - Saturday

  • Pyso and Tula both became Supreme Champion in Denmark August 2018. Pyso got also BIS and BOB3 Sunday

  • VKK June 2018 - Pyso took his 13th BIS and his 10th BIV and is now DVM. Nemo became International Champion

  • Pyso CACS; BIV and NOM at SWS18. Nemo CACIB

  • LIRAK March 18 - Pyso Best In Show 

  • VKK Bergen February 2018. Nemo champion and Nom both days. Pyso cacs, BIV and NOM both days - and Best in Show Sunday and best club cat total.

  • Adelkatten February 2018 - Pyso BIS both days

  • World  Winner Show. Pyso CAGCIB, BIV and NOM

  • October 17 -  RORAK IC (N) Alneskatten's All I Wanna Do best in show both days and (N) Alneskatten's Nemo Neymar Best in show Saturday and NOM with vote Sunday.

  • June 17 - IC (N)Alneskatten's All I Wanna Do became International champion, BIV, BIS and best clubcat total at Voss on June 4th

(N) Alneskatten's Supreme Champions

SC (N) Alneskatten's Batman DVM, SC (N) Alneskatten's Masterpiece, SC (N) Alneskatten's iPet, SC (N) Alneskatten's All I Wanna Do DVM,

SC (N) Alneskatten's Tula DVM

GIC (N) Alneskatten's Tula DVM.jpg
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